Welcome to my online kitchen. This room serves as an online journal of my baking and occasional cooking attempts. I am self-taught through cookbooks, many many cooking blogs, and the vast internet. All the recipes in my kitchen are from these resources.

Hello Kitty cake

I’ve always enjoyed baking but never got into it until I renovated my small humble kitchen the summer of 2009. Before this, the only baking I did was making a cheesecake in a toaster oven. This online kitchen was born in November 2010 even though I’ve been baking almost weekly after my kitchen renovation. So you can see it has long been delayed. I started taking pictures of food back around October 2007. I would take pictures of all foods that interests me at family gatherings, when dining out, or on vacations. My family, friends, and those around always thought I was weird when doing so. In the early days of my baking, I would only take pictures of the final product. As I consider myself still a beginner, I tend to focus on following the directions in the recipe and forget to stop to take pictures. As I progress, I will try to take more pictures during my baking steps.

1st try at basketweave pattern

I hope to expand my kitchen to different types of desserts as well as other courses as time progresses. Speaking of time, God has blessed me with a full-time job so I will be entering the kitchen only weekly (or whenever I prepare something) to update. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit in my online kitchen.

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